Do I Need an Inspection?

If you are thinking about buying a home, you may be wondering if you really need an inspection.

Inspections can be costly and in areas that have very high demand and low inventory, some buyers are choosing to waive the home inspection so their offer is more appealing for home sellers. Especially in situations where the home buyer won’t be asking a home seller to fix any issues anyway, and in a multiple offer situation in which it isn’t clear which buyer may prevail, you may indeed be wondering if it is worth the time and expense to do one.

I always recommend that my buyer get a home inspection if it is possible, even in a highly competitive market. If the inspector finds an issue with the home that may cost in the thousands and thousands of dollars to repair, I want my buyer to know that going into the purchase.

I even recommend getting an inspection for new homes! If you are buying new, it may be tempting to save that inspection, but even brand-new homes can have problems. For example, seals on windows can break as the house is settling, drainage issues, and even incorrectly-installed flashing around doors and windows are issues that can spell big trouble down the line if the builder doesn’t get them fixed.

If you are buying a home, getting an inspection lets you get to know the home and learn about the major and minor issues the property has before making the investment. No home is perfect, but having an inspection allows you to learn about how imperfect a home is before moving in.